It is difficult to state exactly how many therapy sessions you will need at the beginning of treatment. However, as a rough guide, for a recent single problem of less than 12 -18 months duration then 6-12 therapy sessions will generally be sufficient. For problems with a longer history or where there is more than one problem 10-20 sessions may be needed.


The fee for the initial assessment can range between £60.00 and £120.00 depending on duration. If you decide after the initial assessment to go ahead with treatment and are willing to give your consent, it is good practice to inform your GP or Consultant Psychiatrist that I will be seeing you in therapy. However, if you decide not to give consent I will respect your decision.


Following the assessment all sessions will be charged between £60.00 and £80.00.

This includes:

  • Therapist preparation
  • Telephone calls or e-mail contact with other Health Care Professionals, providing that you have consented

All charges are payable only by cash or cheque on the same day of appointment.

A 10% discount will be given on pre-payed blocks of 5 sessions payable in advance.

Same day cancellations or missed appointments will be charged at £40.00.

Extra charges will be made for copies of assessment or discharge reports as well as reports or correspondence to a 3rd party.

I am registered with some private medical insurance companies. If you have private medical insurance cover you may be covered for psychological therapy. If this is the case you may wish to enquire about this prior to coming along for your initial assessment session.

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